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Our mission is to make customer service profitable. Our highly skilled agents are trained in the Customer Service Collective philosophy. These dedicated agents are able to offset your cs cost by making new sales, recovering lost money, and organically resolving conflict to increase customer loyalty.

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The lifeblood of your business is healthy Merchant Accounts. Lucky for you our agents are knowledgeable about merchant accounts and understand their importance, so they make protecting your MIDs their top priority. Our agents constantly look out for your best interest!


Once a card is declined and the transaction has been unsuccessfully rerun through your software, our skilled agents call the customer and artfully remind them of what they agreed to and help them to pay using a new card.


Transfers are vital in business, but cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, especially if your sales team is doing the prospecting. Highly trained CSC Agents take raw data, prospect it, then hand off qualified potential customers to your best sales agents, drastically improving your bottom line.  


We have dedicated teams who study and research your products. They become professional ambassadors of your products. They translate that expertise into sustained directed communication with your customers to encourage them to continue using your products both in the present and the future.

I would have been out of business long ago if I didn't use your customer service and sales. Then when you started Decline Salvage and recovered money I would have never seen, that was the cherry on top. Totally profitable customer service is no joke!

Jorge M


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