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The CSC Philosophy:

We train our Agents from a Sales Perspective. Your dedicated agents control the call from start to finish to achieve the best resolution for you all while generating more sales. Our purpose at CSC is to make your business more profitable.

Who is Customer Service Collective?

Customer Service Collective (CSC) is a customer service company created by advertisers, for advertisers. Because we at CSC understand the needs of advertisers, we are able to effectively protect your merchant accounts, reduce chargebacks and lower average call times all while generating more sales.

CSC has small dedicated teams who are trained to have sales mentality on every call. The use of these small dedicated teams paired with our low agent turnover ensures that you get dedicated agents that know you campaigns like the back of their hand. Customer Service Collective agents are so well trained in their customer service, sales, and YOUR product, that they are able to answer calls completely unscripted so they don't just attain the best possible resolution to your customers' issues, but they generate new sales to make your customer service profitable.

Profitable Customer Service

The idea of profitable customer service is new to the industry. CSC strives to make that a reality for all of our clients by selling during inbound customer service calls as well as making outbound sales calls. CSC has perfected the process so we are able to make your customer service profitable in two ways:

  1. Agents offset customer service costs by making new sales and starting new memberships during both inbound and outbound calls;
  2. Clients save money with fewer refunds, chargebacks, and shorter average call times.

SINCE 2016
Our Experience

The founders of CSC have cumulative decades of experience in internet marketing, customer service, phone sales and campaign management. After trying numerous customer service providers and finding that they weren’t up to par to their standards, they decided to create a call center for use on their own products. However, when they saw how successful the call center was, they decided to offer the service to others and Customer Service Collective was born. Following research and feedback from our clients who were not satisfied with old style customer service, we have now perfected our methods. Customer Service with a personal touch.

How Do I Know If Customer Service Collective is Right For Me?

It’s simple! Just schedule and appointment and our team will help you assess your specific customer service needs.


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